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Made 2 Open is a full service direct mail marketing and personalized mailing service. We can handle your mailing project
from start to finish.

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Our Services

ersonalized mailings enable you to communicate with your clients and potential customers in a better way. Our Personalized Letters help you to create a great impression and strengthen customer relationships. Made2Open is your best source for keeping in touch with clients and patients.

Direct mail advertising should be personal
and from one individual to another,
just like a friendly letter.

Custom Mailings
The big secret to direct mail advertising is to make it look personal. This means your letter should be sent in a personal looking envelope with a handwritten address and a real stamp.

See a
Variable Letter Printing
In today's highly competitive market, you need to communicate with your customers on a personal level. As soon as your letter gets opened, variable printing allow you to get your message accross in a friendly and personal way by using your customer's name or other details in your message.
Design Services,
Postcards, and more...
Business cards, flyers, brochures and catalogs - we can help you design any piece you need. Postcard promotions are used more for inexpensive direct mail advertising. (And YES - we can print and personalize your postcards too with a handwritten address and a real stamp, so it always looks like a personal message from you to your customer.)
Build a Client Database
We make it easier for any small business to develop and maintain a client database. Just send us your hard copy list of clients or leads and we will create a digital database in a format that can be used over and over again.
Web Design
Join millions of small business owners from all over the world. Keep your business open 24-7 on the internet.Give your clients the option to checkout your services at their own pace and time, and to find you with a quick online search.
A website is no longer a novelty but a necessity - needed to grow and promote your business.
Monthly Tip
Every month will have a new tip for you how to improve getting your name out-there....
Special Features
  • No Minimums - We do EVERY job
  • Competitive pricing & Exceptional quality
  • Quick turn-around time - RUSH available
  • Several handwriting styles available
  • Special attention to your specific needs
  • Quality stationary & color printing options
  • Variable printing & Letter personalizing
  • Customized envelopes and addressing
  • High Volume capacity - No job is too big
Follow Up

Direct mail advertising sucess is about
the follow-up. So how often is often enough?

It depends on your business and customers. You want to keep in touch at least once a month, but it's best to stay in contact twice-monthly or more. Whether you're sending email or direct mail advertising you must be consistent if you want to see results.

The more you tell, the more you sell...

It's our goal at Made2Open to help you stay in touch with your clients. Direct mail advertising works, and that by definition, means it makes you money. So call us for your personalized mailing. We'll help you increase and strenghten your customer relationships and grow your business.

every month

6 out of 10 consumers say they enjoy receiving physical mail
We offer complete monthly service - email or call (949) 433-7950


at least two times a week

An effective way to stay in touch with current and past clients - just ask us -
We offer complete monthly service - email or call (949) 433-7950 - we'll send you the order form right away

The worst thing you can do is nothing.


Here is a link to ANGIES LIST where you can list your business/services for free


EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail from the U.S. Postal Service® is designed to reach every home, every address, every time. 

EDDM symplify the process of direct mailing

- low cost - less than a regular postage

- no need to purchase a mailing list

- no need to print or and address each mail piece

- no postage permit required

- you choose the specific distribution area - zip code / neighborhood

- highly efective - large color postcard cannot be missed


Ad a QR CODE to your publications

 About QR codes  >> 

What's this black-and-white graphic?

You're looking at a type of barcode called a QR code.
It's designed to squeeze bits of information down into a square that mobile devices can scan quickly. Once scanned, a QR code gets translated into usable information, for example, contact information or a link to a website that you can go to right away, without typing anything. How convenient!

 How to use  >> 

To scan a QR code, your mobile device needs:
  • a working camera
  • a barcode scanner app that can read QR codes
There are many apps that can scan QR codes, and availability of a particular app depends on your device.
Once you have the appropriate barcode scanner app installed on your device,
just open the app, point your camera at a QR code, and scan.

Go ahead and give it a try on the QR code above!
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"The quality and the fact that you pay much attention to the presentation does it - received a lot of compliment from our customers. Thanks!" Marius Schnabel

Direct mail advertising should be personal, and from one individual to another, just like a friendly letter.

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Effective direct mail advertising works.
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